Annual Reports Annual Report 17-18 - Page 27

Dear ASFM parents, students and staff, In my second year as the ASFM School Board President, it has been my privilege to work alongside Dr. Adams, the other School Board members, and the Associate Board members to ensure school quality, community engagement, and overall strategic improvement. The School Board’s focus this year has been on the execution of the third year of our strategic plan, ongoing transparency and communication, best practices in governance, the continuation of the Edge of Excellence campaign, auditing, accountability, and on the School’s overall financial health. The School Board and the School Administration are taking important steps to ensure that all students be provided with a top quality education and a clear path to their dreams and potential. We are eager to continue working with all of our stakeholders to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and ensure that ASFM continues to improve in terms of its reputation as one of the best international schools in the world. We are positive that together, we will be able to reach and surpass this goal. Sincerely, Carl Grobien School Board President