Annual Reports Annual Report 17-18 - Page 24

Summary The second ASFM Edge of Excellence campaign, held in October and November of 2017, was a huge success and we were able to raise 99% of our $12 mm MXN goal. The funds raised will be used to construct the three new projects by August of 2018. Students will have additional opportunities to grow and develop in a more innovative, educational environment. The three Edge of Excellence Projects are: Business Incubator Middle School / High School A flexible work and retail space for ASFM students, teachers and alumni to connect, collaborate, mentor and develop their ideas into products, and even launch them into successful businesses, creating an entrepreneurial culture at ASFM. Sensory Motor Gym Elementary An educational space with a variety of equipment that promotes cognitive development by increasing the brain function, which better prepares students Eco - Patios Elementary + Middle School / High School An outdoor terrace and/or patio area that combines natural landscaping with educational facilities in order to enhance group work, instruction, private study, and overall learning. Edge of Excellence