Annual Reports Annual Report 17-18 - Page 21

Key Accomplishments and Events The Athletics Department successfully collaborated with other ASFM programs and hosted community events such as: 2. 1. Value of the month assemblies for all student-athletes with the Elementary Principal and the Values Committee 3. PTA Welcome Back Party 4. 5. Copa “Por los niños de México” con IOS offices Hosted the Juvenil A and B NFL tochito (flag football) State Championship Alumni “Score for a Cure” annual Soccer Tournament 6. Hosted the “estatal promocional” Track and Field competition with Secretaría de Educación 7. Hosted the ASOMEX Juv C Soccer tournament with the participation of 9 schools and 275 student-athletes 9 275 schools student - athletes ELITE Teams: Boys Basketball Elite 20 5 total # of wins total # of losses Boys Soccer Elite 20 6 Girls Basketball Elite Girls Soccer Elite total # of wins 21 total # of wins 12 total # of wins total # of losses 13 total # of losses 11 total # of losses Athletics Department