Annual Reports Annual Report 17-18 - Page 14

MSHS Accomplishments & Events 1. 2. 20 Social responsibility and career choice awareness 3. New Academic Dishonesty Policy development Annual TECHO Build 4. 5. HS Boys Scouts first year program 6. Earthquakes relief campaigns by CSL and Med Club Fine Arts Community Service Project - UNIDOS 7. 8. Medical Brigade for all Maintenance Staff 9. Student-led Appreciation Luncheons for ASFM Staff 10. LEAD Conference in Chicago 11. “Disconnect To Connect” initiative to reduce screen time in MS Grades 6-9 community service outings 12. Green team: ”Meatless Monday” initiative Clean Air Project 100 plants that filter the air inside to improve the air quality. Values Clean Up Earth Day in Santa Catarina Community Organic Food Boxes Produce harvested from the MSHS organic garden