Annual Reports Annual Report 14 - 15 - Page 2

October was characterized as the month of strategic innovation at ASFM. Mr. John Littleford, from Littleford and Associates, LLC, worked with multiple ASFM stakeholder groups in a strategic planning process that allowed us to start analyzing and innovating for the future of ASFM. The initial data gathering process involved more than 200 ASFM stakeholders in interactive focus groups and concluded in the identification of four strategic areas of focus. Following this initial process, a representative sample of all stakeholders spent a full day clarifying community input, analyzing opinions and perceptions, and finalizing the strategic focus areas. These focus areas will now become the basis of our Strategic Plan and will provide us with the foundation of the work that will take place over the next five years. Four Strategic Planning committees were formed and they have developed concrete action plans and key performance indicators for each focus area. A new vision, mission and identity statement were created to impulse ASFM’s new strategic plan from 2015-2020. We are positive that this new Strategic Innovation Plan will allow ASFM to further meet the needs of our current and future population and ensure that our students are prepared for an exciting and dynamic future. ASFM Str