Annual Reports Annual Report 14 - 15 - Page 15

New courses designed and offered to students in 2015-16: MS electives Digital Photography and Nursery/PreK Helpers; HS G10 Modern World History seminar choices of World Religions, Gender Studies, Modern Economic Issues, AP Comparative Government/Politics and AP Human Geography; for 2014-15 new HS advanced math electives of Math Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; G12 Philosophy redesigned to focus on student development of a personal philosophy through exploration of philosophical theory; dramatic increases of student subscriptions to technology and business/economics electives 2014-15, 5 students enrolled in 4 different courses; 2015-16, to date 11 students enrolled in 7 different courses, for example Music Theory and Composition, Genocide and Human Rights, Computer Programming/ Java, Neuropsychology; ASFM teacher Jim Burns accepted as a GOA teacher for 2015/16, 911 in a Global Context. Large-scale student engagement initiatives included IMMUNS, hosting over 500 students from 30 schools throughout Mexico; GIN Regional Conference, hosting 230 students from 9 countries in Latin America and the USA; TECHO, completing the second and third builds with a total of 65 homes now completed and most recently (May 16,17) involving over 280 students, staff, alumnae and parents; support of first Operation Smile mission in Monterrey; Project-Based Learning school-wide staff development