Annual Reports Annual Report 14 - 15 - Page 14

MSHS Norm-referenced assessments in all grades 6-12 continue to demonstrate that our students are achieving on average ABOVE all regional, USA, and international averages. The assessments include: MAP (G6-9), ACT Plan (G10), PSAT (G11), and SAT and ACT (G11-12). MAP assessments (Measure of Academic Progress) for G6-9 and Admissions have successfully been migrated to the Cloud. The College Board PIENSE exam to measure Spanish language skills has been introduced in Grades 6, 8, and 10 for May 2015 pilot administration. Auditorium lighting improvements and the addition of portable desktops to enhance test-taking atmosphere. Supervision and Evaluation cycle revised to include a professional learning/action research component: PLC’s. Examples include: New daily schedule research, development, and implementation for MSHS 2015-16 Design and promotion of an easy access tool for teachers to review and utilize student norm-referenced assessment data via PowerSchool (MAP, ACT Plan, PSAT) MS curriculum review and revision in math, science, Spanish and English