Annual Reports 2017: Opening Doors - Page 18

PINE REST FOUNDATION Total Grants & Gifts Each year, the Pine Rest Foundation Board approves a financial gift from the endowment fund. For the fiscal year of 2016-2017, Pine Rest Foundation distributed $1,181,058 to the Casey Wondergem Grant Program and the Patient Assistance Fund. Casey Wondergem Grant Program Telehealth Services Amount $200,000 Outpatient Services $167,800 Hospital Based Services $75,000 Residential Services $74,200 Research $43,000 Pax Crisis Response $25,000 TOTAL $585,000 Patient Assistance Fund Amount Pine Rest Christian Homes $331,350 General $250,613 Iowa $14,095 TOTAL $596,058 “ I wish many others could receive these same services.” The Casey Wondergem Grant Program has had a tremendous impact on Pine Rest and a significant role in advancing healthcare in the communities we serve. In recent years, staff has been asked to filter proposals through the lens of the strategic plan, which has led to the advancement of a number of key projects. Telehealth Outpatient Services “Telehealth has allowed us to serve individuals with significant health conditions that make traveling to the clinic difficult or impossible. College students can be treated by the same clinician, whether at home or on campus. I’m excited by how the continuity of care via Telehealth already has produced profound results in several individuals’ lives and look forward to exploring more ways to enhance patient care.” Jean Holthaus, LISW Manager, Pine Rest Pella Clinic Depression Research “Participating in research provides the opportunity for our staff and patients to be involved in novel and innovative approaches to psychiatric care. By partnering with the National Network of Depression Centers, we can be part of the group that improves the diagnosis and treatment of depression.” Eric Achtyes, MD, MS, FAPA Director, Pine Rest Research Pax Crisis Response for Faith-Based Organizations “Churches are not immune from behavioral health problems, stress, tragedy or crisis. In fact, they are called upon to deliver healing solutions. We recognize the unique stressors upon clergy and other ministry professionals and provide care for those who care for others.” Bob VandePol, MSW Executive Director, Pax Crisis Response –A Pine Rest Patient 18 2017 Pine Rest Annual Report 2017 Pine Rest Annual Report 19