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Clinical Pastoral Education Distance Learning Collaborative Graduates Inaugural Class
Last year , Pine Rest started partnering with the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America to offer Clinical Pastoral Education ( CPE ) sessions in specific locations across the continent via a digital platform . The accredited program helps pastors and seminarians increase their pastoral skills , self-awareness and spiritual leadership . Five people received training in the first class at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey .
“ All considered the program a success and expressed deep gratitude for this opportunity and how well it fit their schedules . The group bonded together and supported each other in their individual ministries ,” says Rev . Karl Van Harn , DMin , leader of the four-month program .
Participants realized how much they had longed for this kind of group , where they can be accepted as they talk about the frustrations , loneliness and joys of ministry . They appreciated the practice of applying their reflections to their ministry . The relationships they built will continue , which is one of the goals of the grant program .
The inaugural class at New Brunswick Theological Seminary ( L to R ): Tom Giglio , Market Street Mission , Morristown , NJ , and Pottersville Reformed Church , Pottersville , NJ ; Yunna Kim , Willow Grove Korean Reformed Church , Willow Grove , PA ; Karl Van Harn , Pine Rest CPE Director ; Gene Voss , First Reformed Church , Lincoln Park , NJ ; Vito Baldini , Liberti Church Center City & Main Line , Philadelphia , PA ; and Debbie Pierce , Ponds Reformed Church , Oakland , NJ .

“ I definitely recommend Telehealth to other parents of young kids . It was a huge relief for me to do therapy via technology . Previously , the stress from sorting out childcare and running around town took away from the benefits of therapy . Once I started Telehealth , there were only positives that came out of my therapy time .”

– A Pine Rest Telehealth Patient
2017 Pine Rest Annual Report 7
Pine Rest Nurses: Providing World-Class Care Through Innovation, Collaboration and Evidence-Based Practice Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Health Honors Johnson The Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Health (AABH) honored Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions’ Gretchen Johnson, DNP, MSN, RN-BC, at its annual conference with its AABH Board Member of the Year award. Nearly 200 organizations, including Pine Rest, receive consultation services and participate in AABH, primarily through partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Johnson also presented with a fellow AABH board member on the topic of “Treatment Planning in Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs” at the conference. DAISY Award Celebrates Extraordinary Care and Compassion in Nursing An internationally recognized symbol of excellence in nursing, the DAISY Award is given to honor the extraordinary care and compassion that nurses give their patients in over 2,500 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and 15 countries. Recipients of the award are nominated by co-workers, patients or visitors. Since 2014, Pine Rest has had seven DAISY winners and over 100 nominees. Following are the DAISY recipients from this past year. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Johnson was the Partial Hospitalization Clinical Services Manager and coordinator of the Mother and Baby program’s development. She is a member of the Healthy Kent 2020 Perinatal Mood Disorder Coalition, American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the Psychiatric Nursing Council of Southwest Michigan. “Joe is very kind and exemplary in everything he does.” –A Pine Rest Patient Harvard-Pine Rest Research Findings Presented at American Psychiatric Nurses Association (L to R): Jan Ryan, RN, Older Adult Unit Clinical Services Manager; Kelly Domagala, MSN, CENP, RN-BC, Chief Nurse Executive; Joe Heyboer, RN; and Janet Silvestri, The DAISY Foundation Regional Program Director Joe Heyboer, RN, Older Adult Unit “Following a dark episode, I was given one-on-one care for six days. I was so blessed to have Joe. He helped me through this difficult time and guided me back to an above- healthy level by his true care, love and compassion. Please be aware of what an unbelievable asset he is to your care team. He helped save my life. Thank you so much for hiring him.” – A Pine Rest Patient “Joe actively engaged the students to enhance our learning. He wanted to make sure we understood the role of a psychiatric nurse. He was very sincere when FVƖrvFFVG2B7RvFf֖ǒV&W'2F&V77W&RFVFBFWvW&Rv@G2RW6VBV"f"VƖr( Ю( 2w&BfW7FFRVfW'6G7GVFVBW'6Pw&WF7vV6$$2GVBV@( w&WFVVBRw&r2W'6BWfW"VFvVBR"FRRfVV&Bखb6VB6ƖfRBvVB&RW"6R2rv6RW7@W2RvBF&R&WGFW"W'6f&WfW"Rv&RגV'BBvWfW"f&vWBR( Ю( 2R&W7BFV@W&2VB$7VGVBV@( W&22VVBR6vRגƖfRf"FR&WGFW"RFRRfVV6f'F&PBVVBR&RFRw2( Ю( 2R&W7BFV@"#rR&W7BV&W'@#SPW'6W2v&pBR&W7BW'6r&W2आ'f&N( 24Vआ7F&VB766W6WGG2@R&W7N( 2T5B@D26Ɩ2&V6VFǐ6&&FVBG&67&vWF07FVFD2BVV7G&6gV6fPFW&T5B&W6V&6R&W7BT5B@D2W'6W2FV6W6FfW"4%4$VƖRVFW"2%4$$$3BFv֖W"%4$7GW&VBVgBF&vB&W6VFVB( FW&WWF2WW&GVFƖ6F2f 76G&2VFVFW'6W>( &ǒB( 6fWG@WFƗGb7WFRVV7G&6gV6fRFW&f"vFF@vw&W76FVVF( 27FW"&6VBF2&W6V&6FRVFF"bFRW&bFRW&676G&2W'6W0766F6VBFRW'6W2Fw&FR&WBFV"7FW f"V&Ɩ6FखFFFFvrFRT5BBD26Ɩ72FV6W6FfW"v2&V6VFǒVBFR6"bFRW'6p7V&6֗GFVRf"FRFW&F66WGf"T5B@WW&7FVF4T6R26FRǒ$6W'frFR4TWV7WFfR6֗GFVR#rR&W7BV&W'B