Annual Reports 2017: Opening Doors - Page 10

Using Technology to Provide Services and Education

Filling Gaps in Treatment Access with Telehealth Services
Telehealth Services plans to have 100 trained clinicians in the outpatient clinics by the end of the fiscal year ( June 2018 ) to help address access and gaps in care across the continuum . The goal is not to replace traditional in-person care , but rather to use this technology to enhance the services already provided , establish new relationships with outside providers and improve access to patients , families and the community . Pine Rest ’ s hope is this will result in decreased cost-to-serve and improved clinical outcomes .
Amy VanDenToorn , LMSW , manager of the Campus Clinic , has been using Telehealth with her existing patients .
VanDenToorn saw the need for an alternative for a handful of her patients who were struggling with attending their appointments . They faced challenges related to transportation , distance , work schedules and childcare .
“ I offered teletherapy sessions to see if it would help my patients overcome these barriers . What I discovered was that my patients enjoyed being able to attend a therapy session from the comfort of their home or at a lunch hour at work .”

I love trying out new methods in treatment , and teletherapy has intrigued me due to the increased access we can provide for our patients .”

Amy VanDenToorn LMSW Manager Pine Rest Campus Clinic
She has been using Telehealth for a wide variety of conditions .
• Women with postpartum depression and anxiety who find it challenging to get out of the house have provided positive feedback . A mom now doesn ’ t need to wake up her baby to receive therapy .
• Some patients are close to finishing up treatment for depression and anxiety and need shorter check-in sessions . They enjoy the convenience of not having to drive for a shorter session , and it ’ s less intrusive on their schedule .
• Telehealth was helpful for patients in crisis who were lacking transportation . VanDenToorn was able to get a better assessment through video versus over the phone .
• College students like the convenience of having the same therapist when they are home and when they go off to college .
Telehealth helps with breaking down barriers and improving treatment for those who may have not been able to finish treatment due to issues with transportation or scheduling difficulties . Many who use Telehealth enjoy alternating between being seen in the office and through Telehealth .
“ Anytime I see barriers that might be reduced with teletherapy , I offer Telehealth to my patients , not only for them , but also support persons who may normally not be able to attend in person due to location or schedules . This flexibility really helps to increase access to services and thereby aid recovery .”
6 2017 Pine Rest Annual Report
Training First Responders to Better Address Individuals with Mental Illness It was great to connect Pine Rest with “ the community police. The officers were engaged and invested. I was amazed at hearing their stories and how often they encounter situat )ݥѠхѠи)$݅́ɕ䁥ɕ͕ݥѠ)܁ѥمѕѡݕɔѼɸ)ɔЁ٥ɅѠ)ЁѼѕȁ͕ٔѡչ)=ȁ卡ɕͥ́啐)ѕɅѥݥѠѡЁ)͕݅́հɹ)ɥȁѡ)́ݕ́ѡ))9܁-Ё չ ɥͥ́%ѕٕѥQ)%ܰ1иٕɹȁ ɥ 䁩ѡɔ٥ɅѠՉͅ䁅)ɝɕ͔ɽͥ́ɽЁɝѥ́չѥ́Ѽչ)܁-Ё չ䁥ѥѥ͕ٔɽ٥ѕˊQɔɅѥٗP)ɕ͕́ȁձ́՝ݥѠхѠՕ̸Q-Ё չ ɥͥ)%ѕٕѥQ́хЁѥѥٔѡЁ́ɥɕͽɍ́Ѽ)ѼЁѡ͔хѠɥ̸ͥ)5ɔѡѡɕ啅́ѡѡ́Ʌѥ́ͥѼɽ٥ѕ)ɔȁձ́ݥѠх́ɕՍ͑ɕѥ͕٥ɕͽɍ́)ɕͥɥѥ̸M䰁Ёݥ+$Aɽ٥܁ɍЁ́ݥѠ́ɕͥٔɥͥ́ѕٕѥ)Ʌͼѡ䁅ɔѕȁեѼݽɬݥѠ٥Յ́ݥѠх+t+$Aɽ٥э́ɕѥ́́ݥѠЁ́ɥͥ)ѕٕѥɅ)]M̰<5L)A卡Iͥɕѽ+$ɔѕ͕٥́ѡЁ́ɥѼ٥Յ́ݥѠх)ɽ٥մȁɕɝѥ́́ѼɅє+$%ɽٔхѠɔɕЁٕͥѕ́ѡЁɔɔа)ѥٔɕͥٔѼхѠѕѥ)QɕAIЁхɔ́ѡхͬɍ]M̰<5L)I ɥ15M\쁅 YA5M\)AIӊéɥѥѼȁɥͥ́ѕٕѥɅȁ܁ɍ)́Ց͍́ɕѥͽ䁑ͽɑ̰卡䁵ѥ)хѠ͍ɕɽɕ́ѥѥձ䁽ɽ她)͍ѥQɅȁ11܁ɍЁ%݄)Yɉ͍ѥչхх́ѕȁɕٕЁɥ͕)ݡȁ́Ѽ͍́ݥѠͽݡ䁉х䁥)ѡ՝Ё٥Յ́ݥѠх́ɔЁɽ̰͕Ёͭ́)ѼɥՅՍ͙հͥѼѡչѕȸ)AIӊéA 啔ͥхAɽɅѱ䁡ͥɅ͕ͥ)ݥѠ܁ɍЁɝѥ́Ёѡȁ չMɥ5ɥ չ)MɥAA-٥Aѵ̸ѽхȁ́ѕѡ)͕ȰѥѱqYɉ͍ѥA卡ЁQɅt)QɅѼɽ٥܁ɍЁ́ݥѠͭ́ѡЁɕѠ)ѠѼѡхѥ́ѡ䁅ɕ䁕丁Uѥ饹٥̰Ʌѥɽ)ͭեɍ͕̰́ɹ+͍ѥͭ́ѕՕ+QɽЁٕЁՍ͙հٕɉ͍ѥ+QЁɅյѥɕ́́ЁՕ͍́ѥ͍ѥ+A卡Ёѥٕ́ѕՕ(܁AIЁՅI+qQԁȁ)ɵѡЁ'eѡɥ)ЁՑ)t+MAIЁAѥ(܁AIЁՅIЀ