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Quality Practice: Quality Assurance Practice Advisory Service Top 5 Practice Advisory Question topics The College’s practice advice service is free and confidential. Veterinarians, their staff and members of the public can contact the 1. Advertising College with questions associated with the regulations, policy and 2. Medical Records and Information expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine. 3. Prescribing and Dispensing The College’s Practice Advisor received 1,465 requests for practice 4. Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship advice over the past fiscal year. 5. Rabies Peer Advisory Program A development workshop, attended by nine licensed members from across the profession, met twice during the summer of 2015 to establish the framework for a Peer Advisory Program. The Peer Advisory Program will sit as the core of the Quality Assurance Program and will lay the foundation for the identification and training of Peer Advisors. These Peer Advisors will assist practitioners as they manage known risk areas and adhere to the current standards of practice. Peer Review of Medical Records From October 2014 to September 2015, 62 practices participated in a peer review of their medical records. A total of 94 percent of respondents indicated they will make changes to their records as a result of the peer review. Examples of changes they plan to make include: • • • • • use more protocols and templates expand the master problem list indicate drug doses and strengths more clearly document authority for financial and care decisions more completely for hospitalized patients utilize more of the features available in medical records software Building Momentum - Annual Report 2015    Page 9