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Quality Practice: Quality Assurance The College’s Quality Practice program supports the profession in its engagement in continuous quality improvement in the delivery of veterinary care. In the regulated professions, Quality Practice is seen as an outcome that follows from an alliance between a College and its professional members. The two groups work together to maintain and demonstrate safe, competent care and service. Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance tools contribute to Quality Practice. The Quality Practice program is intended to: • assist licensed members with meeting peer expectations in the delivery of quality care CPD Cycle 2014 2013 2012 All Licensed Members (average # of hours reported) 168 hours 165 hours 173 hours Graduated in last 5 years 185 163 226 In clinical practice 150 142 153 In non-clinical practice 234 218 230 Licensed but inactive 87 84 98 334 licensed members documented activities in the CPD Portal • support ongoing learning across the profession to maintain and improve professional knowledge and skills • assure the public of access to safe, competent care • support licensed members in their ongoing commitment to the delivery of safe, competent veterinary care Through online learning modules, peer review of medical records and practice advice, the Quality Practice program supports licensed members in the maintenance of skills and knowledge. Informed Client Consent Learning Module The Informed Client Consent Learning Module was made available to all veterinarians in February 2015. The self-study module was created to communicate updates made to the Informed Client Consent Professional Practice Standard . A follow-up survey of those who participated in the module indicated that 73 per cent would make changes to their practice based on participation in the module. Examples of changes they plan to make include: • • • • • update existing consent forms educate staff on informed client consent engage clients in more detail regarding procedures to be performed record an alternate emergency contact document who has authority to make treatment decisions regarding pets College of Veterinarians of Ontario    Page 8