Annual Report - Page 7

Licensure Fair Registration The College is committed to fair registration practices as demonstrated annually in a report for the Ontario Fairness Commissioner (OFC). The College’s Fair Registration Practice Report can be found on the College’s website. Online Jurisprudence Examination The new College of Veterinarians Jurisprudence Examination was launched in April 2015. Over 100 applicants have sat this new online examination that focuses on professionalism, scope of practice, information management and professional accountability. The examination requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines. As planned, a yearly analysis of the performance of the examination questions will be undertaken. Part of the yearly analysis includes refreshing the examination questions and the associated study workbook to account for changes in policy and legislation. Professional Incorporation The College administers a Professional Incorporation program for veterinarians as required by the provincial government. The program permits eligible veterinarians to establish a corporation through which veterinary medicine is practised. During the fiscal year, the College processed 88 new professional corporations for H