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Leadership Message With a strong foundation clearly in place, the College is firmly setting its attention to aligning its work with its legislative duties • To establish, maintain and develop standards of knowledge and skill among its members • To establish, maintain and develop standards of qualification and standards of practice for the practice of veterinary medicine • To establish, maintain and develop standards of professional ethics among its members • To promote public awareness of the role of the College • To perform and exercise other duties and powers imposed or granted on the College under any Act Jan Robinson Registrar & CEO and, in particular, with its relevance in 2015 and beyond. Our duties as a profession, privileged with regulating itself, are also linked to strategy, the “where next” in the public interest dialogue. Council’s ever-present job is to balance excellence in mandate — ­ our expected role — with the opportunity to influence an anticipated future. All of course from the lens of public expectation. This demands nimbleness and responsiveness to the changing context of veterinary medicine in Ontario. With record high involvement in task forces, consultations, stakeholder discussions, and networking opportunities, the College is well-placed to be moving forward and to earning the trust of those who are invested in our work and to whom we serve. Gaining and sustaining momentum is a given. Anymore change for change sake is of little value and there no longer is a single destination. What is constant though must be the asking of tough questions — of Council, of the public and of the profession — as to whether we’ve got it right (yet), are we clear in our expectations, are our programs robust and appropriate for purpose, are we accountable, do we make an impact on public protection and quality veterinary care? Dr. Jennifer Day President Not so easy — but — our initiatives in this 2015 report demonstrate our momentum relevant to this balance we strive for. It is a pleasure to collaborate with so many to achieve our successes. This report is a testament to the College’s commitment to self regulation in veterinary medicine. Jan Robinson   Registrar & CEO    Building Momentum - Annual Report 2015    Dr. Jennifer Day President Page 4