Annual Report - Page 19

Staff Registrar’s Office Registrar and CEO - Ms. Jan Robinson Deputy Registrar - Dr. Glenn Pettifer Policy Specialist - Ms. Anita Lovrich Corporate Services Executive Partner, Corporate Services Ms. Beth Ready Investigations & Resolutions Principal, Investigations & Resolutions Ms. Rose Robinson Associate, Corporate Services Ms. Sarah Ellery Associate, Investigations & Resolutions Ms. Sharan Ghandial Ambassador Corporate Services Ms. Michelle Williams Investigations & Inspections Specialist Mr. Martin Fischer Information Technology, Project Coordinator Ms. Ashley Coles Accreditation Principal, Accreditation Ms. Aneeta Bharij Quality Practice Senior Partner Dr. Glenn Pettifer Associate, Quality Practice Ms. Megan Callaway Accreditation Inspectors Mr. Adrian Darmon Mr. Don Huston Mr. Wilf Muller Mr. Brian Redpath Practice Advisor Dr. Susan Sabatini Communications Communications Specialist Ms. Kim Huson Licensure Principal, Licensure and Professional Corporations Ms. Lindsay Mitchell Associate, Communications Mr. James Clark Associate, Licensure and Professional Corporations Ms. Iryna Trask The College acknowledges with gratitude the commitment and dedication of the many licensed members who volunteered their time and expertise to support College initiatives throughout 2014-15. Thank you for your involvement in professional self-regulation in the public interest. Building Momentum - Annual Report 2015    Page 19