Annual Report - Page 15

Forging Ahead In 2016 The coming year represents the final year of the College’s current strategic framework. This creates a challenging dynamic between goal attainment and goal renewal. All individuals with an interest in the work of the College will have a chance to contribute their voice in 2016. The Council will be consulting on: • • • • • • a new model for facility accreditation a professional Code of Ethics a new Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) Professional Practice Standard new standards related to prescribing and dispensing concepts related to reforming the Veterinarians Act, and a new Peer Advisory Program A lot to talk about and a lot of decisions to be made. These are exciting times. Our social media presence will continue to unfold and an online consultation tool will hopefully gain traction to boost further engagement in self regulation. Our face-to-face outreach will also be paramount, likely with the help of technology. And as Council begins to plan for its next strategic pathway, the lessons learned over the last three years and the varied perspectives that have been shared will certainly help shape a next horizon. With the public interest at the core of our work, 2016 is positioned to be a year of great achievement. College of Veterinarians of Ontario    Page 15