Annual Report - Page 14

Standards & Policy Central to the role of the College is establishing and updating standards and policies that articulate for the public and the profession the expectations of veterinarians in practice. In 2015, Council continued its work in Visit to access official documents establishing clear Professional Practice including regulations, by-laws, standards and policies. Standards (PPS) that apply to all licensed veterinarians and specify expected behaviour in relation to different areas of practice risk. A PPS is expected to be “to the point” in its description of an expectation. A PPS may be accompanied by a guide which speaks to specific questions in practice. Building Strong Policy All standards and policies undergo extensive consultation prior to final approval. Members of the profession, stakeholders and the public are invited to share their thoughts on proposed policy changes. Council reviews all opinions it receives to make informed decisions and, to promote transparency, publishes a summary of the submissions received. Policy initiatives in 2015 include: • Publishing refreshed official documents and guidance in the following areas: 99 Medical Records Professional Practice Standard and Guide 99 Informed Client Consent Professional Practice Standard and Guide 99 Steering Policy Statement 99 Rabies Standard and Legislative Review 99 Satellite Facility Policy Statement 99 Animal Welfare Position Statement 99 Radiation Safety Legislative Overview 99 Reporting Animal Abandonment or Neglect Position Statement 99 Veterinary Dentistry Professional Practice Standard 99 Use of Compounded Products in Veterinary Medicine Professional Practice Standard and Guide 99 Management and Disposal of Controlled Drugs Professional Practice Standard and Guide 99 Delegation Professional Practice Standard 99 Telemedicine Professional Practice Standard • The Accreditation Model Task Force drafted an Accreditation Models Task Force Report • The Legislative Reform Oversight Advisory Group and the three working groups met numerous times to review and analyze recommendations for changes to the Veterinarians Act. • A Prescribing and Dispensing Task Force was created • Revisions were made to several areas of the Regulation 1093 College of Veterinarians of Ontario    Page 14