Annual Report - Page 11

Quality Practice: Facility Accreditation Inspections Veterinary facilities must meet, or qualify for exemption from, the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario. Veterinary facilities are inspected for specific equipment requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; and orderly and sanitary premises. Inspected facilities are granted a Certificate of Accreditation, usually for a five-year period. Inspections are conducted when certificates are due to expire; new practices open; facilities (such as mobiles) are added to practices; ownership changes; and facilities relocate. Innovation in Accreditation In response to the changing needs of the profession and in the interest of public and animal health, the Accreditation Committee accepted a new policy permitting exemptions for satellite facilities at animal shelters as long as they were operated by an accredited companion animal hospital or office. The Accreditation Committee also accepted a policy that permitted the accreditation of the province’s first mobile spay and neuter clinic. Visit the College website -- to access official documents including regulations, by-laws, standards and policies. Building Momentum - Annual Report 2015    Page 11