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Quality Practice: Facility Accreditation Veterinarians in Ontario must practise from accredited veterinary # of Accredited Facilities and Inspections facilities. A Certificate of Accreditation is a statement to the public that 2015 2014 2013 the facility provides a safe, professional environment and contains the equipment required for veterinary care. The Accreditation Committee oversees the accreditation of veterinary facilities in Ontario and considers policy matters related to accreditation. There are currently more than 1,500 veterinary practices operating 2,100 facilities (including mobiles) in Ontario. All veterinary facilities must meet the College’s accreditation standards. Linking Accreditation and Quality Practice Accredited Facilities Number of Facility Inspections 2,267 2,246 - 542 522 385 2014 2013 51 45 1 0 Request for Exemptions 2015 Request for 47 The College’s Facility Accreditation Program assures the public that Exemptions a veterinary facility meets provincial standards and supports safe, 0 Appeals to HPARB* quality animal care outcomes. Facility Accreditation is linked with * Health Professionals Appeal and Review Board Quality Assurance to strengthen the broader quality practice message amongst licensed veterinarians and the public. G LE E OF VETE R AR O N TA R I I ANS ACCREDITED FACILITY OF College of Veterinarians of Ontario    IN In 2015, the College made available a Facility Accreditation Embl [H