Annual Report Tucson J 2018 - Page 9

CHILDREN, YOUTH & CAMP JOSH SHENKER | DIRECTOR OF CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND CAMPING SERVICES Throughout 2018 we started to see the benefits of all of our changes and enhancements to our programming for the Children, Youth, and Camping departments. In our J-Care afterschool program, we had 156 different children in the program throughout the school-year. In the fall we averaged as many as 137 children in the program with 17 of those being middle school aged youth only using the transportation aspect. It was our first full year using our own drivers for J-Care. The overall quality in customer service, supervision, and safety of our children and the routes we take continues to improve with this switch and training of our drivers. We feel we have maximized our space for best use for the program. With each age group getting its own space (J-Care room is the K-1st room, the computer lab is the 2nd-3rd grade room, and the youth lounge is the 4th-5th grade room) we have far more flexibility with scheduling and kids have more variety of activities. With our lower supervision ratios and regular staff training we added a lesson planning routine for our counselor led activities. Youth fitness classes such as Pound, Yoga, and Cycling were also incorporated into the schedule for the 4th- 5th grade group throughout the week. Parents Night Out, our monthly Saturday night program, averaged 17 participants per Saturday. Our School Days Out program averaged 26 kids per offering, over 47 total SDO throughout the year. Winter Camp was a successful program with new initiatives in an attempt to mirror summer camp. 2018 was the first year that C&Y ran youth sports leagues. We have put the emphasis on sportsmanship and fundamentals. Part of this effort has included moving away from the coaches drafting their players and holding a skill evaluation where one can assess individual abilities to be able to split everyone into the fairest teams possible. We have also worked to improve our communication with a weekly league email, regular touchpoints with coaches, and schedule/standing updates. Summer Camp J 2018 was a success in many areas though falling short in budgeted registration. We made some key programmatic changes, additions, and shifted the structure. Some changes included: going to weekly registration, including AM/PM care in the cost of camp, adding specialists as the activity facilitators, adding overnight travel to Tiyul, adjusting the field trip plan for Shalom and Giborim, and creating a more intentional parent communication plan. As we enter year two of the Children, Youth, and Camp management’s tenure we are continuing to re-evaluate the programming, policies and procedures across all of our programs to ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our children and parents. We are committed to continuing to grow, improve, and exceed expectations.