Annual Report Tucson J 2018 - Page 6

HEALTH & WELLNESS AMY DOWE | DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS 2018 was exciting and brought some big changes to the Health and Wellness department! In April, Debbie Claggett joined the team as our Sports and Rec Director and then expanded her role quickly to the Sports, Rec and Aquatics Director in July of 2018. Michael Lorimer, who has been the Masters swim coach on a part-time basis joined on full-time as our Head Stingray Swim Coach in May of 2018. We are so excited to have such a strong team in the Wellness Department! The biggest success in 2018 was the addition of our run series. In September we kicked off with the Rosh Hashanah Honey run followed by a Hanukkah Hot Chocolate run in December. These runs are a collaboration with the Jewish Life and Learning department. The hot chocolate run was a huge success and will become one of our signature runs. With more than 100 runners/walkers out there, everyone had a great time!!! Many programs experienced revenue growth from 2017 to 2018. Some of the highlighted growth areas in 2018 – The Aquatics department with the addition of a new program called Glide Fit. You may have seen people standing on the water on these bright yellow boards! We offer both high intensity classes as well as yoga classes. Our tennis program also had a significant revenue boost by almost 10% from 2017. The excitement is now centered over the tennis court remodel coming in 2019! The J’s community partnerships continue to expand. In the fall of 2018 we had the return of our partnership with Jr. El Tour which brings a youth cycling program to The J for kids who are trying to lose weight, get active or overcome learning differences. This program trained the kids to ride the 43 mile El Tour event in November. More than 30 kids participated! We also partnered with Pima Council on Aging to bring a Fall Assessment program to the members at the J. We are working in 2019 to expand to more community partners with the wide variety of programs that we offer. Personal Training continues to grow year to year! With an increase in revenue, the trainers were exceeded goals every month in 2018! This team of 13 trainers work so well together and continue to bring new and innovative ideas and training to their clients! The Group Fitness department continues community outreach with “A Taste of The J” at The Core at La Encantada and at the TMC Senior Center. These free classes are offered to the community 1 time per week at each location. Offering a variety of outreach programming to the community. The most notable increase from 2017 to 2018 was in our Elder Rehab program-with the increasing need for cognitive programming, the Elder Rehab program grew 90%! We are working to make this a sustainable program that we can also share with other JCC’s around the country. In addition to the 2 semesters we offer, in 2018 we added a summer program that was highly attended and showed returning participants. We have added new and exciting programs to Youth Enrichment. Debbie has expanded the pee wee soccer program, added lacrosse, as well as a few others. There is a lot of planning for more programs in 2019 to grow this department.