Annual Report Tucson J 2018 - Page 2

FROM THE CEO TODD ROCKOFF | CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 2018 was a year filled with collaboration and community. As a community center, it is our vision to create a safe, welcoming space and our team has been focused on making our J feel like home to members and guests. I truly believe we have the best team any JCC can have. Together we live up to our service pledge: We create community based on Jewish Values by providing the highest quality programs and services in a safe and secure environment for ALL people of ALL ages People of all generations love The J because it is a place that represents aspirations. We meet everyone on their own terms and we create a positive environment where anything is possible. There is truly something special about this place. The J is the town square of our community and we take great pride in that. Here is a look at all of the people The Tucson J serves: • Over 17,000 people walk through our doors each week. • We have over 2,000 membership units and over 500 active Silver Sneakers. • This J has 260 hardworking employees, which grows to almost 325 during the summer. • In our Early Childhood program, we have 350+ children enrolled and over 150 in J Care. • Over the summer, Camp J boasts 250+ children per day. • We serve over 40 participants in Taglit. • This winter, 147 people were naturalized and became American citizens, including one of our own Early Childhood Education teachers. • Last fall, 1,500 people gathered to mourn and honor those who lost their lives in the shooting in Pittsburgh in October. The J is place of communal celebration in times of joy and comfort in times of sorrow. We also consider ourselves a place of training and learning. Throughout the course of the year, we offer a number of education classes in the area of arts, culture, and culinary arts. Additionally, we provide other learning opportunities in partnership with local synagogues. The J is committed to ensuring our staff have opportunities for professional development throughout the year. We place priority on sending staff to professional development conferences, including the Southwestern Regional JCC Association Conference and ProCon. Additionally, we provide regular opportunities for staff to build their professional toolkits through webinars, in person learning and peer-to- peer engagement. The J believes we are all lifelong learners. The J is also a caring community. We take great pride in providing over $800,000 in scholarship funds annually. This would not be possible without the generosity of donors and supporters of The Tucson J. We believe providing opportunities for families to be able to participate in Early Childhood Education, J Care and Camp J helps ease the burden on families that may be struggling at this time. Engaging with the community is not a passive activity. We try to be out in the community as an active participant. At The J, we believe the more people we meet and introduce to the opportunities we provide, the more people will choose to engage with us. It is with a sense of pride that more people in our community feel they belong, than have made the decision to join. Belonging is sense of relationship and joining becomes an outcome of that positive relationship and engagement with the organization. Over the past number of years, membership has grown from 1,600 to over 2,000. We have spent time reimagining our programming and implementing a wellness model that is a collaboration between departments and the community.