Annual Report Tucson J 2018 - Page 13

SPECIAL NEEDS SERVICES EMILY MALIN | DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL NEEDS SERVICES The Special Needs Services Department has seen many changes throughout 2018. Our Taglit Day Program now has 44 full time young adults supported by 28 staff members. Our Taglit program gained 5 participants this year due to our Summer Taglit high schoolers graduating. Our administrative staff has evolved to continue supporting our growing programs. 2018 brought on a new structure to our SNS leadership team. We are proud to announce that Veronica Trujillo, previous floor supervisor for Taglit, was promoted to Assistant Director. Taglit Day Program operates as two unique groups: Avodah (Vocational) and Ha-Ash-Arah (Enrichment). Each group continues to fulfill The J’s and Taglit’s mission by providing enriching programs which emphasize wellness, education, and social action. Both groups continue to enjoy opportunities for recreation and volunteering within The J as well as in the community, Avodah has a greater emphasis on work-readiness with the hopes that this will improve their progress towards gainful employment opportunities. The Taglit High School Summer Program and the Camp J Inclusion Program are also experiencing growth. Camp J Inclusion is excited to increase our enrollment for the upcoming summer and begin serving some new families from within our waitlists. Both summer programs will continue to collaborate to provide volunteer experiences for the high school program while the inclusion program enjoys activities led by Camp J. Throughout the past year, the department has developed new partnerships within the community such as Unscrewed Theatre, Beads of Courage, and Hacienda at the River. We continue to foster growth and provide the highest quality program to our individuals that we serve.