Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 30

Workforce Development Technology Academy Culinary Arts Academy This program offers courses that provide students with the knowledge and skills to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exams, This program offers culinary arts courses including a an entry-level requirement in the industry. Students log over 400 instructional hours and learn how to install, configure and Fundamentals, Baking and Pastry Arts, and International troubleshoot hardware and software in physical and virtual environments; optimize system performance; and manage and maintain Cuisines. The fundamentals class focuses on sanitation Windows Client and Server Operating Systems.  and safety, knife skills, measurements, and core cooking methods. As part of the fundamentals course, students prepare to pass the ServSafe Certification exam. Baking and pastry arts and international cuisines courses provide students more advanced kitchen techniques. As a result, students gain experience with the timing and synergy necessary to be a core team member of any kitchen. Health Academy This program offers courses that equip students to become effective, responsible and compassionate healthcare providers. The classes focus on the foundations of patient care such as taking of vital signs, CPR training, effective communication, reporting and documentation. Students receive over 200 hours of instruction, including clinical practice at Sibley Memorial Hospital and are prepared to pass the Washington, D.C. Nurse Aide Certification exam. 30 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 Small Business and Entrepreneurship The small business workshop series supports students looking to start and/or expand their own small business. Workshops include class instruction on topics of business and entrepreneurship, and also feature guest speakers from local organizations sharing their experiences, and advice. CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 31