Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 26

Three-Part Model of Adult Education Workforce Development The workforce development courses, offered through three career training academies, provide theoretical and hands- on learning geared toward English language learners. The courses teach students technical 21 st century skills in three key local high-growth, high-demand industries. Advisory committees made up of industry leaders meet regularly to provide guidance on curriculum and program design and share important industry developments. Each class provides students with the skills to pass an industry-essential certification key to breaking into and advancing in their chosen Photo: Culinary Arts Program field. Courses are strengthened by field Photo: Safety Workshop by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Latino Liaison Unit experience opportunities and connections to Foundational Literacy and Skills Student Services industry leaders. Adult learners often face a host of diverse challenges related to health, labor rights, The foundational literacy and skills housing equity, and much more that courses provide the building blocks for threaten to interrupt their educational a solid base aimed ultimately at career goals. These experiences present a development and advancement. Classes unique set of needs that must be met include practical context-based English as well as assets to be leveraged. The language and skills learning preparing school’s model supports adult learner students for everyday situations in the persistence and achievement by working U.S. Overall the curriculum encompasses: in partnership with students to address soft skills, health and wellness, consumer these types of challenges. Highly- education, parenting and family skills, trained counselors and staff who have math and technology concepts, digital a deep understanding of the immigrant literacy the rights and responsibilities of experience provide supports that are citizens, and multicultural awareness and linguistically and culturally relevant. appreciation. Photo: ESL Health Class 26 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 Photo: Job Readiness Workshop CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 27