Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 22

Year In Review New classes and Programs • Enhanced our Transitions program to better aid registration fair, and coordinating a NALEO phone students moving from the Carlos Rosario School bank on election day to the next step on their career and/or higher education path • • Piloted a new mentorship program that paired Turner Construction, the Latino Safety Professionals community leaders with student leaders from the Association (LSP) and the D.C. Department of Small school and Local Business Development to provide bilingual construction management and safety training Grew our small business program to provide • Became Capital Bikeshare Community Partners, program has served 101 students working to start which allows us to provide a more affordable and businesses in fields ranging from graphic design and reliable transportation option to students. Members photography to catering and restaurant ownership. have access to a $5 annual membership, a free helmet and free safety workshops. As of June 2017, Adapted, developed, and piloted a unique program 365 students and staff have joined the program! in partnership with One America called English Innovations. In this program classroom concepts • Developed an innovative partnership with Metro D.C. Hispanic Contractors Association (MDCHCA), workshops in English and Spanish. To date the • • • Fostered new Arts partnerships with the National taught in our ESL for Families program were Portrait Gallery and the Anacostia Community reinforced through technology tools Museum, which resulted in student works being Expanded our organization-wide civic engagement Photo: Small Business Expo shown at both museums The Small Busine 72&w&( 2f62FFWfVVff'G26VFrV6rWrfFW"6V'27Frf'7BFRfFW"fVBG&FrfFW F6F&U6&Rv&6VG&W&VWW&7GVFVG2FRGW7G&W2bfBVF67G'V7F&fW766W'f6W2@( 6frWBFPW6r&U6&RrǒfRFvBf"P'W27FVBbGvFV6wFRFV2F7&VFRV677FVF@$DU$U4$TRB$U47GVFV@# 4$2$4$44f7FW'2VG&W&VWW'6vW&R7GVFVG26fP66W72FFRF2V6W76'F&V6RfF'0B"7&VF'2VrFR6V6ג&w&vW V&W'B#p4$2$4$44V&W'B#p#