Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 16

Year In Review Equipping D.C.’s Diverse Workforce for Jobs and Careers Photo: Job Readiness Workshop 216 97% students attended job/hiring fairs organized by the school and employer partners 46% of unemployed students were placed in jobs of career training students who took their certification tests earned industry specific certifications 39 Over the 2016-17 school year students reported the following job related gains: culinary arts interns placed with 13 hospitality industry partners Photo: Job Readiness Workshop 1 02 2 9% Received a promotion 18 % 3 1% 58% Gained better job benefits Earned a raise Are employed in their field of choice Almost one out of every two students surveyed reported job-related gains number of companies we work with to place students in jobs around the Washington, D.C. region Photo: Nurse Aide Training Recruitment Ev ent We are incredibly pleased with our Carlos Rosario [student hires]! [As our employees] they go above and beyond the call of duty! Excellent communications and customer service skills. Excellent problem solving skills. D.C. B OAR D O F E L E C T I O N S Tamara Robinson, Voter Outreach Specialist Photo: Interview Preparation Workshop 16 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 17