Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 14

Year In Review Supporting Learners on the Path to Higher Education 25 GED graduates $ 94,2 5 0 universities that 2017 graduates are attending 45 scholarships awarded What I learned from my Carlos Rosario teachers, I’m using every day at Montgomery College. J OSE P H I N E M A J O Carlos Rosario School Nurse Aide Training Graduate Montgomery College Nursing Student 14 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL 667 24 5 201 hours of bilingual mental health counseling provided students and staff received HIV/STI testing students and staff received free flu shots in scholarships awarded to students going on to college and vocational studies Photo: GED Graduation 15 Addressing Barriers to Success Annual Report 2017 1 78 comprehensive transitions plans created with students to develop career and higher education/ vocational studies pathways Photo: HIV Testing by Centro Empodérate Photo: Flu Shots by the Georgetown University Medical School Hoya Clinic The Student Service Department is very important because it helps students with resumes, cover letters and more. They have many partners who help with things like immigration questions and workplace discrimination cases. In the beginning I went to student services to cry and they heard me. Now the life is good again and they are still here helping me. CLAUDIA ESL 8 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 15