Annual Report Annual Report 2016-17 - Page 10

The Needs and Opportunities 72% 20 % of immigrants in the District do not have a high school degree compared to 10% of native-born individuals Source: Urban Institute of jobs in Washington, D.C. will require post-secondary education or training by 2020 Source: White House Report on Community College 4TH Washington, D.C. is ranked the city with the 4th highest cost of living Source: Washington Business Journal 10 CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 76% of immigrants struggle with using digital technology and other communications tools to access, use and communicate information online Source: Migration Policy Institute 6 2 ,0 0 0 + 2 4 5 , 800 people in the D.C. metro area are eligible for naturalization Source: USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration 32 ,0 00 D.C. adults lack a high school diploma D.C. residents with limited English proficiency Source: DC Appleseed Source: American Immigration Council CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL Annual Report 2017 11