Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 8

17 years of activity at the Baylor Clinical Center of Excellence Since 2001, the Baylor Clinical Center of Excellence has developed to answer the needs of its beneficiaries, has reached maturity with them and offers increasingly diverse services to the community and to the HIV or hepatitis B and C infected persons. During the passing 17 years of activity, the Baylor Romania team has helped transform HIV infection from a death sentence into a chronic illness diagnosis, with patients hoping to live a normal life beside their families. Baylor’s teamwork has proven its effectiveness into the life of our community, and the free of charge services we provide to HIV, HVB and HVC infected people have become known across the country, being highly regarded by our foreign partners. 8 “From our patients I learned to have courage.” Negivan Septar, chief nurse, Baylor Foundation, photo credit: Smiley Pool