Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 6

Reflections on being brave “Bravery has many forms of manifestation. Brave is the one who risks his life to save another’s; brave is the one who defies the forces of nature to accomplish a project... and brave is the one who uses all his knowledge and resources to lessen human suffering. An American doctor who, in the nineties, could not turn his back to the suffering AIDS has caused in Constanţa, stands as an example of bravery: Mark Kline set in motion a real domino of events and resources that allowed the establishment of the Clinical Center of Excellence, a unique medical and psychological services provider in Romania, specializing in offering care to people affected by chronic diseases in Dobrogea, as well as in offering training of thousands of medical staff in the field of infectious diseases. Twenty years later, the Government of Romania recognizes the public utility status of the Baylor Black Sea Foundation. We’ve come a long way from the initiative of the American doctor to the level at which Baylor operates today. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested unconditionally in the health of the Romanian community, by partners who live more than ten thousand kilometers away. Along with the funding, the US partners have taught us to work ethically and to focus on the quality of the care we provide. Even more, they have shown us that humanity matters more than nationality. We believe that the recognition of Baylor’s social investment in the health of our community is a gesture of normality and good faith. We are also aware of the responsibility we have towards our patients and our partners and we are committed to continuing Dr. Mark Kline’s mission.” Ana-Maria Schweitzer, Executive Director of the Baylor Black Sea Foundation Dr. Mark W. Kline, photo credit: Smiley Pool 6