Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 3

Summary The Baylor Black Sea Foundation has been recognized the public utility status by the Romanian Government pag 4 Reflections on being brave pag 6 17 years of activity at the Baylor Clinical Center of Excellence pag 8 Complex care for people living with HIV pag 10 Desired children, planned pregnancies pag 17 Medical analysis to control the HIV infection pag 18 The mind, the emotional balance and the HIV infection pag 19 HIV made easily understandable for the patients pag 22 We tested 5.1% of the Dobrogea population for HIV, HBV and HCV pag 23 The voluntary, free-of-charge, rapid and confidential testing program for HIV, HVB and HVC pag 24 Long-term care for people with viral hepatitis pag 26 Regular and active online presence pag 28 We create a health-oriented community pag 29 Baylor, provider of continous medical education pag 30 Professionalism as a life-style option pag 31 Sponsors pag 32 We’re investing in community health pag 33 Days of our lives pag 34 We perform regular visits to the beneficiaries’ homes pag 35 Constanţa: The Baylor Clinical Center of Excellence, 10 Prelungirea Liliacului St. The HIV and Viral Hepatitis B and C Voluntary Testing Center, Clinical Hospital, office 243, 143 Tomis avenue Board of Directors: Mark Kline, Michael Mizwa, Tiberiu Csaki, Simona Ruţă, Rodica Mătuşa Executive Director: Ana-Maria Schweitzer Tulcea: The HIV and Viral Hepatitis B and C Voluntary Testing Center, County Hospital, Communicable Disease Department, 32 1848 St. 3