Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 28

Regular and active online presence We use the most popular platforms and networks to communicate. Where to find us: Website Facebook Newsletter YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Our regular and active online presence helps Baylor Foundation be better known into the community, increase the public awareness of our programs, and build around organization a health-oriented community, interested in taking information from qualified sources. Facebook is the main social network we use: out messages reach this way all the various categories of beneficiaries: the public aimed by the medical and psychosocial services, the one aimed at by the informative and educational messages, and the one aimed by the promotional messages informing of the services community may access at the three testing centers and at Baylor Clinical Center of Excellence. What we communicate: We run permanent anti-discrimination and healthy lifestyle campaign, we promote the psychosocial and medical services as well as the voluntary, free-of-charge, rapid confidential testing for HIV and hepatitis B and C, we carry out prevention campaigns, fight persistent myths about infectious diseases, increase the risk awareness, and promote vaccination. There are also a series of communication events, marking Baylor Foundation’s or BIPAI’s anniversaries, promoting continuing medical training opportunities, promoting health awareness events with global or European coverage such as World Hepatitis Day, European Testing Week, World Elderly People Day, World Mental Health Day, International Commemoration Day of AIDS victims, or promoting events of certain interest for Foundation’s publics such as Dobrogea Day. The content we promote is mainly information about infectious diseases on Baylor Foundation website, www., Baylor publications or Baylor video. 28