Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 26

Long-term care for people with viral hepatitis The purpose of the Baylor Foundation’s program for people with viral hepatitis is to improve the quality of life of people infected with hepatitis B and C viruses in Constanţa and Tulcea counties. The main activities the program unfolds: • The assessment of each person who requests our services, • Self-care skills development support, • Public health system navigation support, • Medical analysis not covered by the medical insurance, • Information on the rights the people with chronic diseases hold. Baylor directly provides services that are not offered by the medical system, and, indirectly, provides help to the patients to make the most of the services the medical system offers. People who get diagnosed with viral hepatitis following voluntary testing in one of the Baylor Foundation testing centers are not left without the safety net. The same happens with many people receiving this unpleasant news following a test elsewhere and being advised by a doctor to contact Baylor when seeking for long-term care services. At Baylor, all people seeking long term care for viral hepatitis, are provided lifestyle assessment to identify the psycho-emotional issues, possible contingent depression, which is often associated with the chronic disease diagnosis, and the navigational advisors help them find their way into the medical system, presenting them all the existing community services. With the help of the navigation services for the public health system, the patient has the opportunity to make an informed decision: to choose where he or she wants to go, choose his or her infectious physician or gastroenterologist, and find out what are the related disease monitoring costs. The long-term care program for people with hepatitis also allows coverage of monitoring medical analysis costs for some of the patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The cost of many analysis is quite high and can be prohibitive for some people. 26