Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 23

We tested 5.1% of the Dobrogea population for HIV, HBV and HCV “The Baylor’s team has assessed the subjective knowledge of people who have requested counseling and testing services within our Foundation’s program. More than half of the beneficiaries reported a 72.63% increase of their level of knowledge regarding prevention, transmission and vaccination, as a direct consequence of being exposed to counseling. Although counseling for hepatitis testing is not mandatory under the Romanian law, this study encourages us to keep the counseling as mandatory component in our program. From the beginning of the Voluntary, Free-of-charge, and Confidential Testing Program, it had never stopped. This allows the testing team, all those involved in keeping the program alive by providing the necessary funding, feel satisfed. Another satisfaction reason is that people belonging to professional categories at risk are among the beneficiaries of the testing service. They regularly retest themselves at Baylor, thus confirming the strength of our partnership with the community.” Mihaela Bogdan, project manager. 23