Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 19

The mind, the emotional balance and the HIV infection “The chronic disease is associated with a high level social workers and get involved in the process of of uncertainty and highly impacts on any person. modifying the factors directly influencing their Patients are compelled to change their behavior, to condition, and by doing so managing to gain control. face complex psychological and social challenges, to adopt a new lifestyle. Psychosocial services are Among the objectives of the psychosocial team, a consistent help we offer to those who are in a there are: position to cope with the challenge of living with • Decrease in the number of patients lost to HIV, with other serious viral infections such as follow-up, hepatitis B and C, or with chronic diseases.” Ştefania • Decrease in the number of coinfections/ Mihale, director of medical programs Baylor’s psychologists assess, in each particular case, the person’s need and capacity to make behavioral adjustments and to adhere to therapy - health education, preparation for treatment, counselling for therapy adherence. co-morbidities, • Offer health literate messages, • Prevention of complications, • Self-monitoring and treatment management, • Mitigation of the treatment induced stress, • Learning of adaptive behaviors, • Adherence to treatment, During the interventions, beneficiaries are • Facing and overcoming barriers and inequalities in encouraged to recognize and change their thoughts, the public health system, feelings and behaviors. They set up an agenda • Providing information or education in regards of together with the Baylor’s psychologists and the the rights one has. 19