Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - Page 18

Medical analysis to control the HIV infection For someone living with HIV there are a few words have with special meaning: treatment, undetectable viral load, CD4. In 2018, the Baylor Foundation has facilitated for 165 people the access to medical analysis to check the viral load. Within the project, HIV-infected patients registered in the evidence of the Constanta Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases who receive free of charge Baylor’s long term care and who haven’t been tested the past 12 months for the viral 18 load, were offered the opportunity to get tested, being thus allowed to assess their health status by properly monitoring the HIV infection and get a the real picture of their health-status. Following the HIV treatment gives a person living with HIV the chance to a normal life, and the viral load and CD4 level medical analysis help that person see if the effort to daily adhere to treatment has the desired results.