Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 9

07 #3 CLIENT SUPPORTED THROUGH INITIAL ENGAGEMENT TO CLOSURE Our Blue Skies Project for transformation has allowed us to rethink and redesign how clients engage with Interrelate. We have designed a new client experience which will include an omni- channel point of entry, followed by a greater choice in their preferred mode of engagement. We are implementing a new integrated technology system which will enable staff to support clients through their engagement and seamlessly collect the data and information needed for identifying, tracking and reporting on their needs. We are also enabling a greater service offering through the opportunities that the new client experience system and our new ways of working will provide. CLIENT SATISFACTION CONSENT CLIENT DATA CLIENT OUTCOMES SMS REMINDER CL I E N T PO R TA L APPOINTMENTS CLIENT RESOURCES BILLING COMMUNICATION TRACKED ACROSS NEW DATA AND INFORMATION MAPPED TO DEMOGRAPHY HOW CLIENT PREFER TO BE SERVICED DEMAND / GEOGRAPHY WHAT WORKS WHAT CLIENTS THINK SOCIAL LISTENING INFORMS