Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 5

03 CEO AND BOARD REPORT We know that thriving relationships are crucial to human existence. They have the ability to comfort, motivate, inspire and uplift. So we work, every day, to strengthen and nurture the relationships of our clients. We empower them to create a world where children will grow into happy and healthy little humans with respectful adult relationships in their future. This past year we have been on our own journey – to transform the way we operate and provide our services, so we can better meet the expectations and needs of our clients. Two years ago, Interrelate committed to transforming through our “Blue Skies Project”. ALAN GIBSON, CHAIRPERSON The Blue Skies Project focused on achieving 4 key deliverables: • Improving process efficiencies • Maximising the use of our resources • Creating agility in our ability to respond and adapt • Creating new business and service offerings FUNDING MODEL TRENDS NEW TECHNOLOGIES PATRICIA OCCELLI, CEO NEW ENTRANTS SOCIAL CHANGES CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE