Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 37

35 #5 Foster organisational commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility OBJECTIVES • Organisation operates efficiently to maximise the benefit from available resources. • To be an environmentally responsible organisation within available resources. • Performance of Interrelate surpasses accepted industry standards. • Agency investment plan developed to ensure future service needs are met and expansion is supported. • Be a good corporate citizen that engages in ethical behaviour within our communities. DELIVERED IN 2017-18 • Energy provider reviewed by Finance with the intention to move to a single provider for the whole organisation. • Environmental issues and discussions promoted throughout all regions and offices. • Commenced development application project for Newcastle site. • Relocated Central Coast site from Erina to Gosford. • Moved Rouse Hill site back to adjoining Bella Vista Head Office. • Completed renovation works at Lismore site. • Implemented new financial system (NAV). • Secured tenants for vacant premises in Port Macquarie. • Migrated to Office 365 system. THE FUTURE OF OUR S T R AT E G I C PLAN 2018 marked the end of our current strategic plan. A new plan, for 2019-2021, will be launched with a focus on 7 strategic priorities: 1. Quality, efficiency and choice defines our customer service 2. Increase in revenue enables an expansion of our service reach and capability 3. Optimise our strategy through data analysis 4. Interrelate informs social policy 5. Expand market awareness and drive community engagement 6. Build on existing technology with innovative solutions 7. High performing and engaged workforce We look forward to addressing our new strategic priorities with the same vigour which enabled us to achieve our successes against the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.