Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 36

34 #3 Diversify our revenue streams to further deliver on our vision and enhance economic sustainability OBJECTIVES • Increase fee for service revenue. • Seek further funding opportunities. • Increase revenue through donations DELIVERED IN 2017-18 #4 Cultivate strong relationships with stakeholders to enhance outcomes for clients and create new business opportunities OBJECTIVES • Harness internal expertise to inform service development and growth. • Interrelate be recognised as an industry leader. • Partnerships developed with key stakeholders to progress service development and business objectives. • School services content aligned with National and State-based curriculum to allow for national expansion • Marketing school services into lower Queensland DELIVERED IN 2017-18 • Developed marketing materials for school educators in Victoria to build additional relationships • • Submitted application for fundraising in Victoria Involved in Marriage and Relationship Education Association of Australia sub-committee • Successful application for funding to offer support and case coordination service for male victims of domestic and family violence in 9 areas (St George, Sutherland, Bourke, Broken Hill, Dubbo, Moree, Orange, Parkes and Walgett) • Consulted with DSS on Royal Commission Redress Scheme • Media exposure resulted in 60 online articles, 7 print articles, 4 radio interviews, 2 TV segments • Ran marketing campaigns to increase awareness of Interrelate in NSW and Victorian schools • Annual marketing plan established focusing on licencing of products, school services expansion, major organisational events etc • Partnered with Twentieth-Century Fox on the annual Say No To Bullying poster competition (with over 48,000 students from 200 schools registering to take part) • Reached agreement with Startech Solutions to enable sales and business development support for expansion of school services into Queensland • Created Program Developer role • Recruited and trained new esafety educators • Developed materials to promote purchase of baby dvd and booking of family evening programs • Developed 3 new programs for high school students • Marketing plan developed for Campion • Implemented national school services expansion plan • Finalised licensing agreement commercial terms in order to offer external facilitator training