Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 34

32 OUR PROGRESS AGAINST OUR S T R AT E G I C G O A L S #1 Maintain, develop and expand community responsive services that enhance and build resilience DELIVERED IN 2017-18 • Reviewed Client Outcome Measures (COM) tools and processes • New training webinar developed and rolled out to support the use of new forms and processes. • COM data to be consulted when reviewing any programs and utilised when conducting clinical audits in the future. • Refined and finalised FDR and Relationship Services Quality Staffing Frameworks (QSF). All service delivery roles now have a refined QSF. • Family Law training was held with all managers. • Recognition of prior learning processes clarified. • Developed a common suite of primary school programs for delivery in Victoria and NSW • Training held for Connect staff involved in the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire trial and action research OBJECTIVES • The purposes of all services are clearly defined. • Regional plans are developed to support service and business development opportunities within the regions, consistent with community needs. • High-quality services are appropriately delivered. • Quality service delivery through program review and continuous improvement is maintained. • Interrelate’s research agenda is linked to service development and business development opportunities and is consistent with client and community needs. • Client outcomes framework is implemented and demonstrates improvements in client wellbeing. Vulnerable and disadvantaged clients receive enhanced access and quality of services. • Increase the use of technology for service delivery to meet the changing needs of our clients.