Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 31

learning so much more than I expected - not only about myself but about my children and also how to improve the relationship with my ex-partner. I would strongly recommend this course to any parents post separation, whether they be newly separated or have spent many years apart. If you go into this with an open mind, you will be surprised by how much you will learn and then apply in your day to day life.” – Parents Not Partners client, Lower Mid North Coast “Fantastic parenting class. Thoroughly enjoyed learning many new skills and making new friends as well. Great tools to help support my children in their life on an emotional level.” “I am seeing improvements in my child’s ability to communicate and manage her anxiety.” “I am a lot calmer around my children and try to talk through things more with them.” “I am really grateful that this program is available to us. Thank you for your support in a more effective parenting path. The video clips, handouts and role plays were all very effective, useful and handy.” “It has provided insight into how to manage children’s emotions and support them when in need.”