Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 27

25 dismissed as historical, despite clients and their children experiencing significant and ongoing impact of family-violence related trauma, including the effects that violence may have on someone’s parenting capacity.’ When we improve a client’s personal safety through counselling, mediation and education programs, it has a flow on effect that may increase the protective factors around their children. IMPROVED CO-PARENTING AND FAMILY FUNCTIONING = REDUCED CONFLICT = IMPROVED CHILDREN’S WELLBEING The National Mental Health Commission believes there is a link between the mental wellbeing of Australians and our economic growth as a nation. When we build our clients’ capabilities through education and case management, it contributes to an improved state of mental health and increased resilience. As a result, they are better able to cope with daily stress. This has wellbeing benefits for the person themselves as well as contributes to a decrease in the economic cost of mental health, with less time off work, hospitalisations, cost of medications, cost of GP visits, the impact on family members, reduction in suicide and homelessness/housing costs. IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH = REDUCED PSYCHOLOGICAL OR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS = MORE RESILIENCE INCREASED AWARENESS OF BODY SAFETY = REDUCED RISK OF CHILD ABUSE We are reducing the risk of child abuse and breaking its cycle through increased awareness and reporting in classroom programs. About 95% of victims know their perpetrators. – CCPCA, 1992 As a result of children gaining body safety knowledge in the Moving Into the Teen Years Programs, reports have been made to the school and then to the NSW Police. INCREASED KNOWLEDGE OF SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH = REDUCED RISK OF STI S AND CHILDHOOD PREGNANCIES We are reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections and childhood pregnancies through student and parent education programs. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program for our school community. The evening as a whole was received so well and our attending parents and students really enjoyed the information that was presented to them so thoughtfully. Melissa was a wonderful presenter and had the children engaged throughout her presentation. We look forward to holding this event again at our school in the future. – Bossley Park Public School School programs were cited by 77% of girls and 74% of boys as the most used source of information about sexuality and relationships. – University of SA, 2016