Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 26

24 For some clients, circumstances don’t immediately improve. The issues may be complex and require the sustained efforts of more than just the client. Support networks including ex-partners or other family members can also be key parts of a client’s progress during their engagement with Interrelate. For some engaged in a formal process such as family dispute resolution where there can be high levels of entrenched conflict, the situation can remain dynamic before it gets better, thereby taking longer for improvements to appear. We also ask on completion of service if overall, clients feel that their circumstances are at least more manageable than compared with their first appointment. AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT OF 1 POINT ON A 5-POINT SCALE 91% OF CLIENTS REPORTED AN IMPROVEMENT IN THEIR ABILITY TO MANAGE THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES OUR SOCIAL I M PA C T Interrelate’s purpose is to empower people to thrive in the most vital part of their lives – their relationships. Our connections with other people impact our physical and mental health and in turn our overall health and wellbeing. In bringing our purpose to life, we are creating a wider positive social impact. The 2018 Review of the Family Law System Discussion Paper by the Australian Law Reform Council noted a common view that adversarial processes tend to escalate conflict between separating parents, with concerns about the flow-on impact of this on children’s wellbeing. Our child-focused services support parents to better co-parent their children with minimal adversarial approaches. IMPROVED PERSONAL SAFETY = REDUCED RISK OF FAMILY AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE = SAFER SOCIETY AND IMPROVED WELLBEING OF CHILDREN The National Family Violence Prevention Legal Service noted in the Review of the Family Law System that family violence is ‘too often