Annual Report 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2018 single page - Page 17

15 NUMBER OF CLIENTS BY PROGRAM 6,086 Family Dispute Resolution / Family Relationship Centre / Regional Family Dispute Resolution 5,266 Family and Relationship Services Counselling and Post Separation Education 2,139 Family Mental Health Support Service 1,838 Children’s Contact Services 1,770 Men’s Domestic Violence Support Service 1,317 Post Separation Cooperative Parenting / Parenting Orders Program 1,037 Family and Relationship Services and Family Law Counselling 635 Family Relationship Support for Carers 282 Royal Commission Support Services 232 South Eastern Sydney Local Health District 216 Family Violence 202 Communities for Children 95 Fee for Service Employee Assistance Program 61 Family Support Funding Program (Defence Force Parenting Education) 46 Fee for Service Children’s Contact Service 44 Fee for Service External Supervision 41 Family Group Conferencing 29 Finding Life’s Answers Safety and Happiness (Domestic violence) 7 Homeless Youth Assistance Program