Annual Report 2017 - Page 30

Consultation Social Media An overview of the policy consultations undertaken in 2017 together with the response rates are captured below. Rate of response for consultations vary significantly depending on the subject matter of the policy, and whether the consultation is a preliminary consultation on an existing policy or a consultation on a new draft policy. A breakdown of the consultation responses received in 2017 is as follows: We use social media – namely Facebook and Twitter – to promote our consultations. In addition, we live tweet each Council meeting and we have seen some real interest from a broad audience of media and health care stakeholders who have shared the outcome of significant discussions and decisions at Council. 594 Total number of responses received in 2017 66 Members of the public and the profession also are encouraged to use Facebook and Twitter to ask questions about various aspects of the CPSO, including how to file a complaint, become a Peer Assessor or find information on policies. Average number of responses received per consultation Public opinion polling is used to inform the policy development and review process. Polling results provide Council with valuable perspective about the views and perspectives of the public. Public expectations and perceptions help inform sound decision- making in the public interest. CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2017 // page 30