Annual Report 2017 - Page 29

Public member Joan Powell In particular, the group was sensitive to whether the expectations being developed would contribute to physician burnout and whether they were feasible in practice. However, the Working Group members were also committed to making sure that they addressed issues or situations that can lead to discontinuity and pose a risk to patient safety, aiming to strike an appropriate balance. When the Continuity of Care umbrella draft policy and its four companion draft policies were approved at May 2018 Council for consultation, we understood that our commitment to engage should only intensify. In recognition of the breadth and scope of this project, providing an ample opportunity to respond to the draft expectations was critical. We extended our usual 60 day consultation period to six months to ensure that all stakeholders could inform and contribute to this important work. As the consultation continues, we are planning to do a Stakeholder Summit that will bring together representatives from different perspectives together in a one day conference. We believe that people want and need to participate in the decisions that affect them. Our effort to engage will result in informed expectations that are practical, relevant and serve our mandate of protecting the public. Fast Fact The College was mentioned in 1,272 media articles in 2017. CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2017 // page 29