Annual Report 2017 - Page 21

Investigations When the College receives information that raises possible concerns with a physician’s care or behaviour, a duty of medical regulation is to investigate such concerns. Dr. Brian Burke & Dr. Lynne Thurling of the College’s Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. There are basically three areas of a doctor’s practice that our complaints process covers – the three C’s: C  are is all about the clinical interactions with a doctor. C  onduct speaks to a doctor’s behaviour while delivering care. C  apacity speaks to a doctor’s ability to deliver care. Examples of incapacity may relate to substance abuse, physical illness, or mental illness. Once the relevant information has been gathered, a complaint gets reviewed by our Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee – or ICRC. The ICRC is comprised of both doctors and members of the public. The Committee oversees Public Complaint Investigations, broader practice (Registrar’s) Investigations, and inquiries into a member’s incapacity. CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2017 // page 21