Annual Report 2017 - Page 16

Education Strategic Initiative In recognition of the significant and important role that learning plays in supporting physicians and learners at the College, we continued work on the Education Strategic Initiative in 2017. This work articulates a vision for educational activity at the College and identifies specific goals to move us towards this vision. The four identified goals are: A  ll education elements of College committee decisions are evidence-informed, consistent, achieving desired outcomes and evaluated. I  ndividual physicians are supported in addressing identified learning needs.  hysicians are supported in participating P in meaningful, effective and individualized continued professional development (CPD).  PSO supports students and physicians C throughout their professional careers by facilitating education focused on CanMEDS roles, professional regulation and current system needs. This initiative includes both reactive (e.g. individualized education plans) and proactive (e.g. continuing professional development) approaches. It also relates to our goal of optimizing investigations, discipline and monitoring, as all these proc \\[Yܘ]BYX][ۘ[\X\˂]X[]HX[Y[Y[\\\Y\[]X]]KHZ[H[Y[HBYX][ۈو\XX[[ۙHX[HقZ\\Y\Z[HܙX]\[\[[]\[YYX[Yܝ\HYX]K[[[BXX\[\ܚYH\ۂX]HYX][ۈ܈]\X[˂H[ڙX[HH\قܚݙ\H^YHYX\΂]Y[X\ܚY[][ۈ8$HܙY[X[[“\]Z\[Y[܈]Y\[\[ۂY[][ۈ[HHوHYN][[[]Y[KZ[ܛYY\XH[YYX][ۈو\XX[[]HYX[H]X[Y[Y[قۚXۋX[\Z[[Y[[Y\ܚX[[X][ۘ[]HX\[ Y[YZ[‘BYX][ۘ[]H]HYH[][[[\X\[H]Hš[ܛHX\[ۋ[XZ[KH]X[]HX[Y[Y[\\\\B[[]X]]H]Y[[\\H۝\[˜[H][[[\[Y[ݚ[X[]X[]HX[Y[Y[ܘ[\ŠSTH܈ۛKX[[[ܘ\B[]H\X\ˈH[وBST\[\ݙHHۜ\[Hق]X[]H\HݚYYH\H\X\˜Xܛ[X[]Y\[[Y[ۜق۝\[˂[ MHST][YHX\[X[Y[Y[\[H\ܝZ[[[][]Y\›وXXH[[ܛX][ۈ\[܂\XX[ݚYYL H[\][]YX[\ܛX[H\ܝX]Z\ۛHXX\[ۙ]B\و\\\\ܝZ\XXB[\ܝZ\X\[\X]YYYX\ܝ‘X[]Y\]ݚYHۛKX[[[ܘ\H[]H\X\˜X]Z\]X[]K[Y[Hš[X[]Y\[\ݙBSPSTԕ M YH M